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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring Planting

Don't be fooled by the wonderful temperatures we have been having here in Kansas. Resist the urge to plant your warm weather vegetables.

When the overnight lows are 60F or more for at least 1 week, then you may plant outside. You can help the process by leaving a black landscaping tarp over the area you want to plant. The soil has to be warmed up. Leave the tarp for a week, before planting.

If you do this now, make sure you mulch over the tarp and keep milk jugs, plastic sheeting or pop bottles handy to cover the plants when the temperatures dip again.

1 comment:

idahobob said...

Ha! We had several days of warm weather and then it turned crappy three days ago, Heck, it was even snowing yesterday morning!!

And I wanted to get potatoes planted tomorrow, BWWAAHAHAHAHA!!


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