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Friday, April 2, 2010

Kansas = Straight line winds

The severe storm warns are stating up. Welcome to spring in Kansas. This is the time of year that we have to stay on our toes, and be aware of what the weather is doing. If you haven' yet, you should seek out a storm spotters meeting near you.

Micro-bursts and straight line winds are common here in the open prairie. Meteorologist Jeff Haby has a good article about What Are Straight Line Winds. Included in the article is some advice on keeping you and your property safe this time of year.

There are several terms that mean the same as straight-line winds and they are convective wind gusts, outflow and downbursts. Straight-line wind is wind that comes out of a thunderstorm. If these winds meet or exceed 58 miles per hours then the storm is classified as severe by the National Weather Service. These winds are produced by the downward momentum in the downdraft region of a thunderstorm. An environment conducive to strong straight-line wind is one in which the updrafts and thus downdrafts are strong, the air is dry in the middle troposphere and the storm has a fast forward motion. Read entire article here>>

The advice he gives is common sense, pick things up keep things pruned and have a safe room.

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