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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Time for a New Voice

Well after four days of letting the readers decide I received one comment saying I should continue posting. That just reaffirms my feelings that I was not doing a good enough job at this. Well at least I gave it a shot. I will be turning this blog back over to American prepper, Anyone who wants to take it over can contact him through his website. I thank you for the opportunity of letting me try this, but it seems like I have a lot more to learn and very little to teach. Good luck and God bless you to everyone ( I think were going to need it)---MCK


Humble wife said...

Every link in the chain has value, and I am sad to see you leave. I am new to the prepper circuit and felt a bit down about the lack of comments. I became proactive and am leaving comments to others, as visiting others eventually will bring those here.

I pray you reconsider as who is any of us, but an ill prepared person for this life we lead? Only by advice and sharing from what another knows can we go forth and attempt things.

You most certainly have skills and ideas and tips that I do not have, and like wise. Each one of us may be the very key to enabling long term survival for the rest of us.

Oh and when I began my personal blogs, it took three months before I even received one comment. Making connections does take time.

Phelan said...

It does take time to gain responses. You are new here and not many will take time to reply. If you enjoy this, keep doing it. Would it help if you had another blogger helping?

I really don't think you should hang it up just yet, not if you really enjoy doing it

Anonymous said...

I think you should keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Don't give up. Are you going to fold as easily when TSHTF? Your only flaw (easily corrected) is that you're not delving deep enough or creatively enough into what you know that may be of value to others. Think outside the box; try off-the-wall subjects. Discuss anything, knowing that one tip, one hint, one small idea planted in someone's head may help them immeasurably or even save their lives. Tools. Plastic buckets. The best waterproofing spray. Misdirection of your enemies. Using flat black spray paint to conceal your stuff. Creative hiding places. How to inventory and rotate your food stock. Be creative! Don't throw in the towel before the storm is over. Many read; few comment. Most of these boards have many lurkers but few contributors. That doesn't mean your message isn't getting out, just that people aren't chatty. Hang tough.

nitewalker said...

MCK, don't give up so easy my friend. I know it's not easy in the beginning,it wasn't for me either.I been in and around prepping my entire life,have talked to large crowds on the subject but had never tried this blogging thing until I took over at West Virginia. It does get frsuating in the beginning, but I promise you it does get better and easier the more you do it. I don't know if I can help but if you think of anything I can do to help you get going send me an e-mail or stop by WVPN and we will give you any help we can.We are all in this together so hang in there and you will get thru it. Gary

American Prepper said...

MCK...hang in there..Most people just dont comment. Many may have the time to read but dont have the time to type a comment. It took me a few months of reading other peoples blogs from time to time before I even realized there was a link to comment! And even then, I never commented though was receiving the benefits of the information I was learning. The thing to pay attention to is the hit counter! And now only less than 3 months into this we are getting thousands of hits! Hang in there, we are starting to get media attention...whether that is a good thing or a bad thing, thousands of more people will soon find out about us and learn from what you have to offer

Marie said...

MCK--You will have to do what you have to do, but I just stopped by to catch up on your posts, and learned some things from your recent posts. There are times people aren't able to stop by daily, and as others have noted, not everyone who reads will comment.
I don't have a hit counter--sometimes I wish I did, but most of the time I'm glad I don't. I can just see it--looking at the counter, and wondering why the numbers of people reading went down, or they went up, so why didn't anyone comment? I just hope that more people get prepared, whether they are reading my own blog or not. You may never know who you've helped if you stick with it, but you will have helped them nonetheless.
Best wishes, whatever your final decision.

wvsanta said...

I sure would hate to see you go. It is very hard to keep these blogs going and at times it does seem as if no one cares. If there is any way you feel like hanging in there I would be glad to help any way I can. I am a contributor on the WVPN and would be glad to share ideas to help you out if you want. I am just an email away if you want some help. wvsantaclaus@aol.com
God Bless

Bullseye said...

Hang in there man, I know people are reading and getting good info here. Less than 5% will comment though, beleive me. I get hundreds of visits per day and sometimes NO comments. But that's ok, I know they are reading. You are doing a great job and I hope you will continue. We all need all the help we can get. Stay with us, we need you.


Kymber said...

Hey MCK....i have been reading and commenting on almost all of your posts...i will be very sorry if you decide to stop blogging! please re-consider...

i understand how you feel as i feel i am doing a horrible job up at the Canadian Preppers Network....we still only have 6 members contributing to the blogs and 9 provinces without anyone running them....we get alot of traffic tho so that is the only thing making me feel like i should keep trying to get the message out...this network is so important...but it is the people like you and others running their state/province networks that makes it really work.

please don't stop posting. we need you!

PH said...

MCK. Don't give it up just because you don't see comments. I'm trying to do better about leaving comments, but I admit to reading 20 entries for every comment I leave. We are a movement and we are building strength. There are many things that bring fear and anxiety to mens' hearts today, but at the same time it is exciting to be in on something that will have an impact on history.

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