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Friday, April 3, 2009

Tea Party, Voting Day

Tea Party Rally in Topeka

The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps will be holding a "Tea Party" rally at
the Topeka State Capital on April 4th, 2009 starting at 10:00 AM. Tea
Party rallies are going on all over the United States in protest of the
past and current events going on in Washington DC. In addition we are
protesting the fact that our current Kansas Legislature is doing absolutely
nothing to curb the fact that illegal’s are taking jobs in Kansas of legal
American and Kansas citizens. This was despite all of the calls, emails
and letters during the 2008 session in which they did not have the courage
to pass SB 458 even though as one State Senator said the calls to his
office was 300 to 1 in favor of SB 458. They took the side of everyone
except Kansas citizens and voters. On a side note I said when I started posting on this blog that I would do it for two or three weeks and then ask for everyone's comments on how I was doing, so I would know if I should continue or if I should turn the blog over to someone else. I already know what I want to do but I figure I told everyone I would give them a chance to vote so here it is. Please leave any comment you feel like on my performance and I will let you know what I have decided in a couple of days. Thanks---MCK


Humble wife said...

Our elected officials all across the board have become so elite that they believe that they need not rely on those that placed them in office. It is time to get serious and elect real Americans once again.

I think that you should keep posting as every voice in the prep circuit makes a difference!

erniesjourney said...

Keep blogging away!! You will find your own niche and then all bets are off! Don't give up!

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