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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

"Assault"Wepons Ban, Mexican Drug War

I read an interesting post the other day over at Circle of the Oroborous blog titled "Live from Mount Doom, Its Saturday'. Dragon (may I call you Dragon?) seems to think that Holder bringing up the AWB was just a cover for something else. Now I don't necessarily disagree with him as we all know that the second coming is a master at deception, I mean how else did he get elected? Sometimes though thing are just what they seem to be. We all know that the liberal leftist want to deprive all of the private citizens of this once great nation of any and all rights guaranteed in our founding documents. To them the 2nd amendment is what stands in their way. Once it falls to the wayside all the rest will fall like dominoes. They will try to do this using any excuse they can. Mexico's drug war was their excuse this time around. Seems that as the U.S has a problem with illegal drugs from down south, Mexico has a problem with illegal (in Mexico) arms from up north. This is how it seems to work, the cartels recruit 19 to 22 year old U.S. citizens with no police record to purchase the firearms, the purchaser then passes the gun off to associates of the cartel. It's that simple. The purchaser has to fill out all the required paperwork, the ATF has to approve the transfer, everything is legal. Until the purchaser passes the gun off to the cartel associate. The point I am trying to make here is this. To be prepared you must be armed. To be armed you must protect the right to bear arms. There are three groups who will help you do this if you would join just one of them. The first is the NRA. If you don't like the NRA because of the many reasons I have heard from people (Their always cutting deals with the anti gunners, their in bed with the politicians etc, etc...)then maybe you could join the Gun Owners of America or Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership( I don't think you have to be Jewish to join.) Remember the left will use any excuse to relieve you of your 2nd amendment rights. I believe that this was just testing the waters and there will be many more attempts to come over the next four LONG years.---MCK

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