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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Food, 22 ammo, The second coming

Went to Sam's Club last night to pick up some extra food. Here is what $144 will get you. 100 lbs of long grain rice, 50 lbs of pinto beans, 50 lbs of sugar, 20 lbs of salt, 3 #10 cans of instant mashed potatoes, and 20 lbs of pancake mix. Pretty fair I guess, it makes you feel just a little bit better knowing that you have it. Then I go next door to Walmart to see about picking up some 22 lr. Sorry, don't have any they tell me. This is about the 4th time this month I have heard that. Seems that the 22 has dried up around here. That's pretty scary when you cant even find a brick of 22. A buddy of mine called the Walmart in Holton an they told him the same thing. Is anybody else experiencing the same thing where they live? I mean 22 is about the most common and abundant ammo in the world. Isn't it? Lastly The Second Coming was on t.v. last night, I watched about as much as I could stomach but I finally had to turn it off. I did notice today that the Dow ended in the red again today. Whats that tell you? Every time he opens his mouth, the stockmarket falls. I think I need to make a few more trips to Sam's.----MCK


erniesjourney said...

Our walmart in Indiana is running very low on ammo too and they get a truck in about everyday, but sell out. Go figure, maybe some people are smarter than I give credit for and buying ammo too! Seems they just forget about food and think I am a whack job - oh well.


Will be the last one standing said...

Surival Tips for you and your family
Keys to overcoming a survival situation
One of the most important things to remember about survival is fitness.
Sure we all have 10,000 rounds of ammo 1000 gallons of water and enough
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by the end of the day you are extremely tired, sore, sunburnt and ready for bed.
All of us having the luxury of going home and going to bed. This is the time to get
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Think you can hike 10 miles with a backpack, guns, ammo, and a kid on your back
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Good state of mind
Great survival kit
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Community of like minded people / my kinda people
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Posted by Last Man Standing

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