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Sunday, February 21, 2010

What if Nothing Happens?

A great post from the American Preppers Network Homepage.

Here's an excellent article submitted by our member Cin

What if nothing happens?

My husband asked on a long drive one day. He was speaking rhetorically of course, but it is something that made me think. We had miles to travel and nothing else to do, so we talked about it for a while.

We’ve prepped enough that we can make a stand or bug out if needed. We have the beans, bullets and bandages. We’ve modified the homestead to take care of our needs, on-grid or off. We have a running creek that shouldn’t dry up, but have stored water, just in case. We have a woodstove and firewood. We have enough food in the pantry to take care of ourselves and a few others. I’ve experimented enough with cooking from storage that I’m comfortable with it. There are plenty of simple medications and herbals to take care of colds, injuries and even a few life-threatening wounds. (However, I still need to update my Red Cross certification).

We have BOB bags in the car, the garage and good camping equipment kept in an easily reachable area in case we have to move quickly. Even our dogs have packs to carry.

Last year, a major hurricane in Houston , Texas took out thousands of homes, left people in Red Cross shelters for several weeks, and resulted in people still working to this day to repair all the damage done. A friend on the ground there called with updates. She was prepared for 2 weeks. After that, her life became a round of driving around looking for gas, food and water. Rumors flew and she was often hopping in the car to run down to another store to get water/food. She managed to make it to work, and found tips on where gas stations were that still had gas. Roof damage in her apartment complex put water in her ceiling lights, and caused mold to grow down her walls. A crack in the walls appeared above her fireplace due to the weight of a tree on the roof. It took over 6 months to have the damage repaired, when the power came back on. Why? Because every contractor and subcontractor was tapped out. Maintenance people were worth their weight in gold.

She volunteered at one of the shelters. People had nothing, they didn’t have extra clothes, or food…nothing. Because the shelter didn’t have facilities beyond toilets and washbasins, she said no one bathed. The shelter eventually set up portable showers but they were inadequate for the number of folk being sheltered. Businesses donated T-shirts and pants so the people could change clothes, at least. She came home exhausted and discouraged by how unprepared those people were.

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