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Friday, February 5, 2010

While we live, let us live!

I was just watching a program, and something occurred to me, too many people take too many things too seriously.

Now I am not saying that you shouldn't take preparedness seriously. You have your kits in your trunk, you have the routine of checking and rechecking things, you buy a little extra food to store away, but what about your emotional preparedness?

If you harp too much on what you are preparing for, you might miss out on the adventures of it all. You might get depressed, or angry. You might loss faith in people or in yourself.

What is the point of preparing for something that may never happen? It is never about what might not be, but what it could be. Prepping itself can teach you life skills that you would not have ventured to discover in another way. Preparedness is full of educational skill, lost arts, and personal fulfillment, if only you play your cards right. If you only buy the foods or ammo, plan your escape routes, dig out a shelter, what is the purpose to life?

When you are on you path to preparedness, take a moment to discover a hobby besides food buying or map memorizing. (although I must say that there is a sadistic pleasure in map reading)





Life is happening full force around you, do you want to miss any of it just because something may happen? Of course not. Balance is key to it all. Make prepping a habit, but take on learning new skills with a flourish of excitement and energy. Do not learn a skill that you find tedious or boring. When canning, try new things to create gourmet masterpieces that can be stored away.

There are some great old school skills that you can learn, and perhaps it will lead to you making a little money on the side.

For example, I make chainmaille. Not much use in this modern world, but I can make a great fishing net. I make jewelry and garments for people and animals. But I also cook and bake, desserts are my specialty, using turn of the 20th century recipes, only modified and I use only locally grown ingredients (except chocolate). I grow many of the ingredients I use, gardening is an interesting hobby to say the least. Top that off with animal husbandry and good like minded friends and I would say my life is hardly boring.

Weather you are interested in blacksmithing, candle making, cooking/baking, weaving, or cobbling, it is never too late to learn and enjoy.

Never fret over what may never be, for you will never be happy. And above a, prepare for the worse, and foresee the best.


SciFiChick said...

I think we sometimes forget to just step back and enjoy life. What a shame... Life is to be enjoyed and embraced. Great post!

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

That's a really great post! I think that hubby keeps me enjoying life because he's so free-spirited and energetic.

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