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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Personal Experience in Recalling Learned, not practiced, skills

I am going to share something very personal with you. But it is relevant to prepping It is about not having the practiced skills, but reading or seeing something and recalling it at the appropriate time. I have said over and over that prepping doesn't mean that you have to learn all the skills necessary, you just need to be able to retain the info.

I found out I was pregnant with my first son on my 18th birthday. I wasn't scared or upset. I was in love with a man that was wonderful at the time. We were struggling of course, but happy none the less. I quit smoking, I quit everything that was nasty for your health. I saw my doctor regularly and did everything right

My due date was still 3 months away when I got sick. I made a doctors appointment for two days later. Then the pain started. No one had told me about back labor, so I had no idea what was happening. I suffered through it. Suddenly my water broke. We had just moved into a new place, and didn't have a phone. The man I was with ran next door to use their phone and while he was gone, I gave birth, alone, on my bathroom floor.

He was so small and sounded like a kitten mewing. I stuck my finger in his mouth, and stroked his sides keeping him annoyed to keep him crying. Crying=breathing.

The man I was with returned, and almost passed out as he saw me, and his new son sitting on the floor. I snapped at him and told him to get me something to tie the cord off with and something sharp to cut. He neglected to turn on any lights, and I could hear things being thrown around. He returned with a knife and a shoe lace.

I told him where and how to tie off the cord, and told him not to cut it. He followed my orders perfectly.

The EMS workers arrived, and the first thing they asked was how did I know to do all that I had done. I told them. . .

I watch way too much Rescue 911.

They chuckled. And later I was told that all the things I had done in the first few moments of life gave my son a better chance to survive.

He died at 1 month old.

But I did help him and did give him a better start, all because I had retained some idle time information.

And that is what I hope to bring to all of you.

( for those of you curious about why I went into labor early. I had the flu. . severe. . . and they think that my body reacted like the pregnancy was the problem and attempted to abort it)


Kymber said...

Phelan...there are no words to say.

thank you for sharing these words with us.

you have driven the point home. and i got the message.

i will keep memorizing every bit of info that i learn from these networks. so that if i ever find myself in a position to need to access that info - i will know what to do.

like you did. i wish you hadn't of been alone.

hugs, friendship and deep respect to you.

Phelan said...

Kymber, it isn't about memorizing, it is about retaining info and calling it up when needed. Mine was from a stupid tv show that was popular here in the late 1990's. Remembering what the program had said about emergency home births just popped into my head as I sat there.

And that's what you need, a bit of information to help you start, knowing what the outcome you want is, and keeping your head about you in those instances.

Read what I wrote on APN today as well. Don't get so involved with learning it all that you forget what joy is.

Kymber said...

oh Phelan - i promise never to forget what joy it is to learn - i love learning!

and often - i find myself over the years learning things that i wonder how i will ever use...but i learn anyway.

and your post today just made me remember to pay attention to what i learn - who knows when i will need it!

an example - it must have been 6 or so years ago when i first stumbled across Kurt Saxon. he's a bit harsh and i do not proscribe to all of his beliefs. but i never forgot reading and learning about tire gardening...and i don't know why that stuck with me. but 3 years ago when i first thought about gardening - i knew that i had to tire garden. i didn't need to re-look up his site - his politics are a little out there - but i never forgot what i read. and i love tire gardening! and i learned it all from Kurt!
strange eh?

anyway - i memorize and i retain and when i need it - it comes back to me.

so lucky me that i have been lurking at your homestead blog so long eh?

thanks so much Phelan!
teeheehee...lucky, lucky me!

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Oh my goodness! What a story! Thank you for sharing something so personal. Message received.

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