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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

KS Winter Wheat Planting Plummets

A government report shows the nation's farmers planted the fewest winter wheat acres this season since 1913.

Kansas, the nation's largest winter wheat producer, planted 8.6 million acres, down 8% from a year ago; it's the lowest planted wheat acreage in the state since 1957.

The largest acreage decreases are in Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and Montana; a record low planting was reported in Nebraska.

The Agriculture Department reported that the total acres of winter wheat for 2010 is 37.1 million acres, down 14% nationwide from last year.

The agency blames poor weather, low prices and the late row crop harvest for the decrease.

I don't care what they are blaming, I care what this means for us. Time to stock up on flour and other wheat products. ~Phelan

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