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Saturday, January 30, 2010


Comment moderation has been turned on. Not my choice mind you.

I do not like comment moderation because it leads to issues about "Why are you not allowing just anyone to comment", and the such. I like comments, both good and bad, as it gives me a sense of what you are thinking and what I should be sharing.

Now, how this will go about, all comments good or bad will be posted. However spam will not be. If you hate me and want to tell me so, go for it, I will post it. If you love me and you know it clap your hands. . . I mean say so and it will be posted.

Proof is in the pudding you say. Well take a look at the comment I left alone on the Post entitled The Misnomer of Civilian Assault rifles.

"You effing honkys who don't think so are ignorant trailer trash sister loving idiots."

of course this person informed us how ill educated and dangerous he is by continuing to talk, I allowed it, and chose not to respond. The quote is edited because of the family oriented status of this blog.

If you feel that your reply was not posted and you want to know why, or if maybe I over looked it, please email me. You can find the address on the sidebar, Phelan. Just please give me a day or so before the onslaught of you effing witch start coming in. I am not always around to approve messages.

The reason for the moderation is because of the shear amount of spam that we have been suffering from.


idahobob said...

Excellent explanation of what Comment Moderation is.


Gen-IL Homesteader said...

I'm amazed you got a comment like that! Geez-louise! Personally, I'm glad it's on, only because I was getting so many spam emails on the IL site. I really enjoy your writing her, Phelan!

Anonymous said...

Good Information I can use.

Anonymous said...

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Thanks a load, Catch You Later.

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