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Friday, January 15, 2010

72 hours later

Although we in Kansas rarely feel or have earthquakes, the events happening in Haiti can get one wondering.

The largest earthquake happened in Manhattan Kansas in 1867 and it was a 5.1, and the States surrounding us have had large enough earthquakes to effect parts of Kansas. The last earthquake to happen here, was outside of Ark City (Arkansas City) January 1st 2008. It was a 2.7, but it happened none the less. We also have a fault line called the Crooked Creek Fault

Unfortunately I am unable to find too much info on this fault line.

Thankfully we only need to keep this info in the back of our minds. Not something that we as Kansans need to dwell on. Call it a bit o' trivia to amaze your friends with.

We do however have plenty of other natural disasters and man-made events to worry about.

In Coffey County we have Wolf Creek. Who has their Preparedness plan online in a PDF format for you to read.

During the Cold War, Wichita was on the top ten list of targets for nuclear war. Since we no longer have the B-1's I believe we have dropped off that list. However, since we do have a large community of airplane manufacturers, we might still be at an elevated risk.

Of course there are tornadoes, ice storms, severe thunderstorms, hail, floods, drought. . . oh we seem to get it all. We have Hurricane force winds, micro bursts, prairie fires. Why does anyone even live here? Because we don't have mud slides.

In any of these situations, it is suggested that you keep an emergency 72 hour kit. The thing is, if you are unable to leave your town or city, after 72 hours is when the scum start arriving. Just like what happen in Haiti last night, someone starts a rumor just to get people to drop their possessions, they come to our towns and cities, and start their scams.

The most important thing after the first 72 hours is to keep your wits about you. A portable radio could save you from fears and rumors. Remember that you have to take care of your family first, before helping the neighbor or anyone else. It's important not to fall for tricks or scams, or rampant paranoia.

In any situation you need to be aware of not only your surroundings but of the peoples attitudes. You should not be overly paranoid about those around you, but you should be cautious about what you are hearing.

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