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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Final Post On Hardin, MT and the APF

http://www.AmericanPoliceForce.net That is a web address that you can go to if you want to follow this story. Myself, the more I look into it the more I think it is just some guy running a con. My fault next time I will research more and not try to be so gullible.---MCK

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American Prepper said...

It may be a con, but the fact still remains that cities across the U.S. are privatizing their police departments and prisons. There are very few things that should never be privatized...Police departments are one of those things. It takes the control out of the hands of the local citizens and puts that control into the hands of global corporations who are controlled by the fedgovs....That is the real story: Read more here:


Also more and more cops are being used to plant evidence so innocent people go to jail which makes the contractors money. Here is a former Drug enforcement officer who does his own sting operations to bust the cops:


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