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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Plants you should know; Yarrow

Yarrow is an important plant to keep in the back of your mind. The crushed leaves can be used to staunch bleeding wounds. The younger leaves can be eaten to relive tooth aches.

There is a problem however, yarrow can be confused with fool's parsley and poison hemlock. Get to know your weeds before eating them.

Yarrow flowers

Poison Hemlock Flowers

Yarrow Leaves

Fool's Parsley

Poison Hemlock Leaves


Anonymous said...

It does seem like the good plans always look like the bad ones. It's good to keep a edible and medicinal plans guide for picture comparison.

Kentucky Preppers Network

idahobob said...

Yarrow is one of those wonderful "weeds" that grows prolifically here.

We recently harvested and dried a BIG bunch of it.


Son3 said...

We've got a large amount of hemlock here, and lost several goats to the stuff; so, like Phelan said, BE CAREFUL!

The larger plants have carrot-like, white roots and a very strong odor.

I've mistaken the stuff for carrots before, but, by the grace of God, I didn't swallow; it numbed my mouth for about an hour afterwords.

Hemlock is deadly, so if you can't tell, don't risk it. It ain't worth it.

Phelan said...

Yarrow will remind you of a small fern plant, unlike the other two plants I mention.

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