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Monday, August 17, 2009

Keeping clean

The last post we talked about using bark that includes tannic in it to cleanse your teeth. Remember that tannic is a poison and will make you sick, it will also stain your skin so use it sparely.

We talked a bit about female hygiene, today we shall talk about it in general. Keeping clean while in survival mode won't weight heavily on your mind, however I will reiterate that hygiene is an important skill to have when you are in emergency survival.

Soaking the inside bark of the tannic carrying trees, will produce a solution of natural insect repellent. The amount of water you add or subtract will determine that strength. This same solution can be used as a "soap" as well. Just remember that it doesn't lather up very well, and not only stain you a dark tan color if used too strong, but will stain your clothing as well. (like it will matter much in this situation)

You can also make a general cleaning antiseptic by crushing and seeping pine needles in water until the surface of the water is oily. for handfuls of pine needles will yield you about a thimble full of a powerful cleanser (you can use this at home as well, not just for survival)

Any plants that contain Saponin can be used to make soaps.


spirea/ meadowsweet

bouncing bet also known as soapwort


Mash up these plants and mix the juice with a bit of water. For a stronger soap, do not add water.

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