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Monday, August 10, 2009

Burying your Dead

Here in the great State of Kansas we have some lenient laws of the dead. You are allowed to bury your dead on your property, but you must check with your county to see if they allow it. It must be done within 24 hours of death. No casket required, and you must supply the State with a death certificate. Embalming is not required, as I said you have 24 hours to bury, unless you can refrigerate or place the body in a sealed container. And you do not need to use a funeral home.

So how does one go about doing such things. First off, always honor the deceased requests, as much as you can within the law. It isn't legal to smoke pot out of your buddies skull, no many how many times he made you promise that you would.

6 feet down is not the law. Most places do not have a depth standard, California, it is only 18 inches. 6 feet was the standard during the plague, in England. The thought was that at that depth, the dead wouldn't be able to pass the disease onto the living. They did not know at the time that it was fleas that were the problem. Your grave should be deep enough to keep scavengers away from the remains, 30 inches at least.

I was unable to find any info for the State on a Pyre Cremation. With something like that, be prepared to stay with your dead for several hours, to a few days. Make sure the fire stays very hot, and doesn't spread to your land.

I wouldn't bother taking the time to mummify your dead, unless it is winter and your can't or don't have anything else to do.


Anonymous said...

Mummification - LOL I did a report on that while in elementary school; grossed me out however I remember the details even today! Naw, mummification is definately out!

Kymber said...

Wow Phelan - what an interesting post and not something I am at all familiar with...off now to find out what the laws are here in Canada!

Anonymous said...

Good post Phelan, that's pretty interesting.

Kentucky Preppers Network

Anonymous said...

These guidelines are great, except in the case of Congressmen, who should have a waste sticker firmly attached to them and be placed on the curb for normal Wednesday pickup.

Phelan said...

anonymous, hahaha! now now we shouldn't ~giggle~ talk like that ~teehee~

Humble wife said...

ok the mummification thing is gross, I saw a show on this and the brain removal makes me gag now.

Interesting to ponder, and as times progress who knows?
New Mexico Prepper

MCK said...

Interest post Phelan, you don't have first hand knowledge of this do you? I guess my plan of being taken out to the woods and being used as coyote food is out of the question. I guess I better let my family know.---MCK

Kymber said...

Phelan...just a follow-up --- i did some checking around and it seems that you can be buried on your own land here in Canada too!

i honestly had no idea and your post sent me out searching for info and now that my hubby and i know that we can be buried on our land in Cape Breton - what a sense of comfort and relief!

thanks for this Phelan! thanks alot!

Phelan said...

See, just because I write about odd little things, doesn't mean you won't end up using the info some day. Just because it is or isn't legal somewhere, if SHTF, and you have dead to deal with, the 30 inch rule will be there in the back of your mind.

No I haven't had the pleasure of using this knowledge yet. Some day though, some day. ~insert evil laughter here~

SciFiChick said...

OK I'm officially a follower after this post!!

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