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Thursday, July 16, 2009

well. . .

To be honest the heat is getting to me. I have no idea what to write about. If you have a suggest or question, ask. It could get me thinking again.


Son3 said...

Could you tell me what you think of this?


It passed the Georgia Senate in April almost unanimously, but I don't know what has become of it since.

It basically says the State of Georgia will consider the United States to be dissolved should the Federal government do anything beyond its Constitutional limits.

I think Kansas should do the same, do you?

Phelan said...

I'll go and read it, but from what you said, it sounds like they have declared their Sovereignty, that is in the Kansas House now. Will see what I can find out.

Son3 said...

It has a list of things the Federal government could do to cause a nullification of the Constitution, reverting all power to the individual states.

It's all at the bottom.

Katie z said...

What can you do to preserve oodles of extra cucumbers beyond making gallons of pickles?

Phelan said...

Katie, that one I can answer. Can you wait until tomorrow, or are you desperate?

Katie z said...

I can wait!

Phelan said...

Son3, I read the entire bill. It is a sovereignty bill, a harsh one. It would be like you telling your girlfriend that if she did this this or that, she would no longer exist in your eyes. The State laws can not encompass other States, they just will no longer recognize the Federal Government. It's a very good bill and you will see this Sovereignty click into effect by the end of this year, maybe sooner, depending on what our federal government does. Kansas's sovereignty bill that hasn't passed yet, is very straight forward, anything that our House deems as a bad idea by the feds and forces our State to do it, will kick our sovereignty into effect.

In general I like Sovereignty Bills. They take a stand and brings us back to being a republic rather than a democratic society.

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