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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Prepparing yourself for Butcher

Butchering an animal for the first time, can take an emotional toll on you. It isn't easy to go from, I bought this animal for meat, awww. . . how cute, to swack, butchering time.

The first time I had to dress out an animal reminded me how much of a girl I really was. And how much of a suburban tramp I was. I wasn't raised to go hunting, and I was a vegan for most of my teen and adult life. But as I learned my way around this homesteading lifestyle, and my interest in prepping evolved, I knew what it was I had to do. This was the way we want our life to be, growing/raising most of our own food stuff.

Instead of rewriting my experiences with my first time, I will link out to the original posts. I give my other readers fair warning so that they can turn off their feed readers or not stop by the blog that day. I will give you fair warning by not publishing them here out of respect for those that wish not to know those sorts of things.

Another warning, these posts contain photos.

How to butcher a rooster

How to butcher a duck

How to Butcher a turkey

How to butcher a goat

how to butcher a hog part 1

part 2

Of course since these posts are about my first time, I did get better with technique. For those of you that have never butchered anything out, these posts will give you a notion of what to expect. Those that have done it before, these posts will give you a good chuckle.

Weather you are starting your own homesteading adventure or you feel you might one day need to survive in the woods, learning the basics on butchering can be helpful, and prepare you for what is to come.

1 comment:

Humble wife said...

hard for me too. We have done the butchering of chickens as a family and all is well. for the goats and cow- we had a friend butcher and traded meat to him. but husband and sons can as they have watched. means daughter and i will stand by their sides and help if necessary.
good post
new mexico prepper

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