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Friday, June 19, 2009

Some Questions About Bugging Out

Okay lets say the sh*t has hit the fan, there are riots in the streets, your city is burning and your neighborhood is next.What do you do? Do you stay and defend your home? Do you bug out? If you leave where do you go?(were not going to talk about how in this post just where) Do you have a place to go, if not then what? If you do have some land will you stay in a tent, travel trailer, motor home? None of those options really offer much protection. Do you know how to build a sustainable shelter? I did run across this site on the web http://www.earthbagbuilding.com/ The supplies could be bought beforehand and it doesn't look like they would take up to much storage room. Could you do without running water, refrigeration, air conditioning? I don't know if I could do without the last one in Kansas, in August. Just something to think about, if you have any ideas I sure would like to hear them.---MCK


Anonymous said...

I live in a small town so large scale riots/chaos is unlikely. In the event of that happening I would stick it out at the house as long as I could. Bugging out would be a last resort.

Kentucky Preppers Network

American Prepper said...

I live in a survivalists haven in Northern Idaho so riots etc...is not a concern. It's cool enough that even during the summer we can do without air conditioning, plenty of fresh water streams, wildlife and food. It's getting home that's my concern. If SHTF I could have up to 2500 miles to trek home. I know many pioneers did it on foot in 3 months, but there could be many variables if SHTF like bandits, rioters, murderers etc... I'll make it home one way or another.

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