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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Kansas Real ID

By now most of us have heard about Real Id. There is a name change going on as well, it will be known as Enhanced Drivers Licences according to the Cato Institute.

As of May 2008, the original deadline to implement Real Id, none of the States were in compliance, and HS has granted and extension to them until December of this year. Even those States that have Bills Passed or in the works to stop Real ID from becoming a reality in the their State.

Kansas doesn't stand out in this debate. The state has been moving toward the Real Id implementation long before the Federal Government came up with the idea. Many of the State's requirement mesh well with those of HS. Putting into place security measures to prevent counterfeiting and personal verification to prevent ID fraud and illegals from obtaining licences. Remember this isn't the Congress's fault, it is actually all on HS.

Unfortunately there is too much private information on the magnetic strips on the back of the cards, worrying many that invasion of privacy and ID theft will occur.

Facial recognition is also part of obtaining a State's ID. Just remember to smile.

If Kansas decides to go forward and implement all the Real ID requirement, what happens to our Sovereignty? Non compliance by December means you will no longer be able to enter federal buildings, and you will have to line up in a separate line at the airport for closer scrutiny.

There is one Coalition dedicated to seeing Real ID disappear altogether and not come back as Enhanced Drivers Licences, Stop Real ID Coalition.

To see Bills that have been introduced in your State to oppose Go to Policy Today, State Solutions.

And to See where exactly your State lands in all of this, what has been implemented or passed to stop Real ID, see this site; Real ID States


Anonymous said...

Real ID is something to stand against. Good post.

Kentucky Preppers Network

Son3 said...

Smile! Rebellion against tyranny is sweet!

When I go to get my DL this year, I shall smile with great satisfaction.

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