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Friday, April 24, 2009

The Decline of our Personal worth

I have been thinking a lot lately about the differences of homesteaders verses Preppers. The simplest definition I could think of was that homesteaders prepare for winter, and let the chips fall where they may, while preppers prepare for anything and everything. This of course lead me to the thought of do I really wish to associate myself with the preppers movement? Do I really want to be singled out and placed on some kind of list just because I think like a boyscout? Then I remembered I am more than likely already on a list, has something to do with a hippie mother that was arrested and had a little red book in her possession. I remember men showing up to our house years after the fact, questioning my parents and my siblings as well as me. I was rather young, and don't remember the entire thing, but my family was labeled communists.

After 9/11 I stopped flying on planes. Not because of what happened, but because I am certain that my family name is on a watch list. I grew up on planes. My father worked for a major airline. I love flying, simple. But I don't wish to be intimidated by those that think they are in charge, those that think they know me, know my family because of one arrest so many years ago.

My family name lead to other thoughts, the IRA. I remember a time when we as Americans applauded the IRA. When we supported them, and didn't have terrorist ideas of the group. Didn't Clinton even donate money to them? We knew they were blowing up buildings, but they were empty and people were not harmed, at that time. How quickly our thoughts change. We no longer saw them as fighting for their country's freedom, something we did once ourselves, we started to see them as a terrorist organization. And yes, I do know the history, I know what they have done, but that isn't what I am speaking about. It is the American mind set that I am pondering.

This then leads me to Israel. I have noticed a decline in support. This shocks me. When did we stop loving Israel? When did we start feeling like they might be the bad guy. At this point in our history we would not allow Mexico to attempt to reclaim parts of our country, yet the sentiment seems that Israel should give up most of their land. That they are in the wrong. Once again the American people aren't doing their own research, their own thinking. We should be ashamed.

I fear for our future. Not because of any other reason but how our thinking is drastically changing in so sort of a time frame. We forget our recent history, or fail to learn it. It almost feels like as a mass we think along the lines of being failures. That we will never be greater than what we once were, that there is no need to fight because we will just fail. And then, then there is our children, many of which have instant gratification issues, and I deserve mentalities. When did any of us actually deserve anything? When did wining become a sin? Not everybody can come in first.

Good try people, but you lose. And I will not be handing out participation ribbons. Earn your respect, earn your responsibilities, earn your worth, and earn your rights and freedoms.

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