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Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I would very much like to see our state pass a law such as this. We should contact our state representatives and see if we can get this done. Mississippi Passes Legislation Protecting Gun Owners During Martial Law
InfowarsFebruary 11, 2009
Mississippi lawmakers have passed a bill to protect the state’s residents during martial law. On the Office of the Lieutenant Governor of Mississippi website, Phil Bryant announces the passage of SB 2036. The legislation “restricts the power of a peace officer to confiscate firearms and ammunitions in an emergency or during a time of martial law,” according to the website.
Senator Merle Flowers

It is significant that Lieutenant Governor Bryant mentions the law applies to martial law.
Mississippi senator Merle Flowers authored the bill and referred it to the Judiciary on January 6. It passed the Senate on February 4. According to the Mississippi bill status website, the act amends Section 33-7-303 of Mississippi Code of 1972 and “explicitly restrict the power to confiscate firearms and ammunitions in an emergency.”
Mississippi passes the law reaffirming the Second Amendment at approximately the same time a number of states are introducing and passing resolutions and bills declaring sovereignty from the federal government and buttressing the Tenth Amendment. I guess thats it for now.---MCK


American Prepper said...

God, I hope a majority of states jump on board and do the same thing.

wvsanta said...

I have to say I would like to see many more states do the same. I wish you all the best in trying to get people to stand up and fight for what is right. Great post, God Bless and keep up the good work getting the word out.

Bullseye said...

Great post MCK, and yes we all need this for sure. We need to contact our officals and let them know that we demand this kind of action. Thanks for a great post.

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